[8] Finding Angels’ Smiles

Nyengir dulu ah…  Anty mo coba posting pake English temen-temen… Anty sadar Englishnya kacau banget, tapi… gimana donk lagi ngidam nulis English soalnyah hehehe dikoreksi aja ya…(cmiiw ya bahasa kerennyah??) Cekidot…


Mid-year 2009

Someday… i did blog walking… from one ID into the others, until i found his ID, A Family Man, his name is Mosal (Mohammad Salahudin Ronosentono, later i’ll call him Mas Mosal) who uploaded his family pictures, waaww!!! i was fascinated!! awesome!! Beautiful, cute, i saw the truly of angels’ smiles from those children, i asked him to allow me uploading his children picture on my blog through PM, we were messaging each other… and he allowed me ^_^ yosh!!! I was very glad…

Initially, i thought that Mas Mosal is married to chinese woman, because in his family picture,  the woman looks so oriental and beautiful like Asian Artist wearing Jilbab!!! How pretty…

But, apparently i thought wrong, she’s Indonesian, a Java-Sunda woman, origin from Cisitu – Bandung, her name’s Yulianti Ismail, i call her Teh Yuli.

Our conversation (me and Mas Mosal’s conv) by YM was began that time, he was in Reston, Virginia USA with their family. He’s a very good Moslem, the one who’s actively participate in islamic group in America named IMAAM and IMSA… somehow in our conversation, i told him that i really want to see his children and his family… and suprisingly!!! His wife and his children is going to visit Indonesia in June if i wasn’t mistaken. He gave me his wife’s Indonesian phone number to contact his wife to make an appointment with, and gladly…that she replied my text… and we arranged the day we meet.

Well, i felt… it’s written that i should meet them on that day, on the same day as my office mate’s wedding was held.

Guess what?? the place where i should met Teh Yuli and the children was so close to the place of my office mate’s wedding. What a coincidence!!! After the wedding was held, i asked my friends –Lulu, Nina and Bella– to meet them also, we began with finding the right address to meet them, because the appointment was in her house, we walked from one way into the other… only to fulfill my curiosity to meet the Angels. 

When we tried to pass a path next to the Masjid… Unpredictable… she, Teh Yuli was standing there, in front of her house, i
was happy-shocked hahahaa it felt like i found a clue to my treasure ahahahah too much deeh… she let us coming into the house, and finally we met and embracing each other… yosh!!! Yea yeaaa i was veryy veryyy happy!!! It’s about one step closer to prove my adventure of finding the angels’ smiles.

I’ve already sit down on the sofa, couldn’t wait to see Shafiya and Zaid, hmmm… where are they???

And then… they come!!! Oohh my God!!! I saw cute angels in front of me, for my whole life, i’ve never met such a cute little boy and a pretty little girl like them, they speak like Cinta Laura…

Suddenly.. i love them, their smiles, their habit…

For God sake… they’re really cute and shalih/shalihah, they recited al-Qur’an… i love when they read many surah in juz amma’… what heaven children they are… 

May be you say that i was too much, it’s ok.. but i have my own reason for it. Well, i didn’t really know why was that, i just felt love, felt something we used to call chemistry when i found them.. it felt like a dream comes true, hehehe like a fan met with her seleb  and i was a fan of course..

Ahad, 19 July 2009 was the first day we met…


The second was 25 July 2009, i brought them SUGUS, according to their parent’s info, that they love sugus so much, as they hard to find it in America hahah yaiyalaah. When they want it, they should kiss my chick first hahaha, well it’s my way to have their kisses hahahaha

Zaid showed his funny rabbit teeth. did he try to seduce me giving sugus?? hihiii

 Jiiiaaahh they’re in action @_@


 Fiyaaa… was very heavy hihihihii, beneran beraaattt!!! 

With my pleasure… Being nanny… need an extra energy to be such it for them

hihihihi funny!! And those days… were very fine days…


And the third was hmmm i don’t quite recall the date and day…it was my last time to see Fiya and Zaid… because they’re gonna back to USA on the day after tomorrow  i met them in the night after work, i bought Fiya a garfield sandal and a frog sandal for Zaid, hummm i hug Fiya tightly… and it’s a long hug… and kissed her white chick, also i hug and kissed Zaid, hummm… it was a sad good bye… honestly, i want they stay here longer, but i can’t make it of course, the fact is i’m not their blood-siblings family by the way, and i don’t have right even to ask hehehe

Hopefully… i can meet them again someday, i miss them…


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