Hujan Poyan… I Love You!!










There you are my sunny rain.

Bridging two extreme differences
Cold and Heat

Mediating sun and rain

The symbol of peace maker
The point of compromise

Wash away the gloomy sky and wipe out the mugginess

Yes you are my sunny rain

I love you at the first time we met,
I adore you from the first time i saw you through the window of my parent’s room

It seems that you can still shine and spread your cheerful scent even though you’re in pain that cause you cry

How beautiful and strong you are…

Actually, i really wanna print out the picture of you on the camera of my eyes at that time… But unfortunately, i can’t!

The picture’s taken from here

Dear sunny rain…

You make me smile with your warmth and freshness of rain…

A happy rain…

When the dark cloud doesn’t hide the marvelous of raining

I don’t care what they say about you, i don’t wanna know about it
All i know is…

I Love you!

***On the night when i miss my childhood
Bandung, 07 July 2010

39 thoughts on “Hujan Poyan… I Love You!!

  1. anotherorion priyo harjiyono

    klo hujan pas terang benderang di tempatku namanya “Udan Kethek Ngilo”

    Udan = Hujan
    Kethek = Monyet
    Ngilo = Bercermin

    Mungkin ledekan dari orang2 jaman dulu klo cuaca terang tapi hujan orang2 pada keluar rumah cuma buat memastikan “bener2 lagi ujan sekarang apa ngga”

  2. ario fanie

    Tik Tik Tik bunyi hujan di atas genteng,
    Airnya turun tidak terkira
    Cobalah tengok, daun dan ranting,
    Pohon dan kebun basah semua…
    hahahaha..abis ujan poyan terbit pelangi yah…muncul

  3. Mon Mon

    lebih cozy mendung terus gerimis-gerimis sedikit xD rasana mellow mellow gimana gitu.. *emo mode: on* Anty.. planning kita gimanakah? 😀

  4. irvan airlangga

    kata 'mbah'…
    yang Sedang (kapsitas/size) itulah yg eLok

    ujan berLebihan jadi banjir, Longsor, penyakit.
    panas berlebuihan jadi kebakaran, kering, tiwas

    **asLa nimbrung komen gajebo**


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