Unbelievable: 4 years with MP

April 2007 (i forgot the date)
cinderellazty was born…
No friend
Only me, fooling around with diaries and become silent reader

April 2008 Left MP because limited access of internet (belom punya modem)
April 2009 Back to MP. Blog walking. Come and go.

April 2011
Never thought that i’d still be here for years
I tried many social media, but no one like MP

Like home
there’s always a way back home ^____^
Here i am…
Still cinderellazty, never change.
Still learning to write and share some postings
Now… I have so many great and kind hearted friends ^__^

Happy 4th anniversary for me!
Keep blogging with MP! :p

Thank you for being my contact,
for reading my journal, QN, photos, music, video etc
I apologize for mistakes in comment, journal, etc
Please forgive me?

The picture’s taken by my husband, private collection.
MP T-Shirt created by Mas Heri Hito, i ordered it.


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