[Hijabi Fashion Week] #3 Work Out Wear

Work out wear to me?
In my opinion, work out wear means as an outfit that we wear while doing sweaty activities such as sport, gym, riding horse, climbing mountain, traveling etc. cmiiw

I love long dress so much, i can modified it into various designs.
Simply dress or gown.
I can wear it almost in every occasion 

According to syaria’ principal, muslimah outfit SHOULD NOT be
skin-tight, resembles man style, and covering all the body except face and hand.
So… long dress is best of all to me
You may see that almost all of my outfit is long dress, maxi dress, etc.
Yap, including for this theme, i’m going to present what i wore in my adventure to Bromo (Me in long & wide dress again )

Let’s check it out:
I wore a simply-green tosca long & wide dress (trust me, this dress won’t bother you to walk, run and climb)
made from silky fabric with two sides ribbons in waist area (left and right ribbon)
Long trouser inside of the long dress, so that you can run and climb without worrying that your aurat’s appear
Simply instant hijab
The light blue jacket (because Bromo is bloody cold)
My sporty QnQ wrist watch
My Save Palestine hat
My lovely Kappa ket shoes / sporty converse (those shoes are gifts )

Riding horse?
Capturing images from the top of Bromo
That’s my “work out wear” for today
Hijabi Fashion Week #3

Click this to view another work out wear

53 thoughts on “[Hijabi Fashion Week] #3 Work Out Wear

  1. Cinderellanty Chan

    hehehe gak ada tema yang cocok sm penyelenggara Hijabi Fashion Week 😀
    ini ceritanya baju buat olahraga ato doing sweaty stuffs, aku pasangin foto2 yg udah ada aja 😀
    dan ini aku pake naek gunung hehehe (tentu dgn celana panjang di dalemnya)


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