[Hijabi Fashion Week] #6 Yeaaay… It’s vacation!

Happy weekend dear fellas ^___*

It’s time to take a rest from our activity
Vacation time! Yeaaay

I decided to post these photos taken from the vacation album with my two friends in March 2010

Since it’s a vacation: A travel to relax your body, mind and soul
I suggest that not to put too much accessory,
be casual and emm…
just relax & enjoy the day!

Double click to view

Overalls | Triset
Red Shirt | Nevada
Grey Hijab | Unbranded
Red pantalon | Self tailored
Black wristwatch | QnQ
Bagpack | Koala
White sandal | My baby plastic sandal 😛
Photo by | eRHa
Location | Tangkuban Parahu – Lembang, Bandung

Keep stylish keep syar’ie 🙂


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