Kondangan tanpanya dengannya

Attending my aunt’s wedding reception @Bandung without my hubby for the first time after we’re married.
He had something to do that day yet i should attend the wedding because it’s “family command”.  Hihihihi
This time, my mom became my “kondangan-mate” .
We arranged to meet at my aunt’s wedding in Jl. PPH Mustofa (Suci)
My mom came together with my family from Sukabumi and i came alone from Depok (picked up by Nina & Rifi with “a morning mad” wkkkwkwkwwk)

I decided to wear the light flowering blue dress and silver accent on my hijab (i just tried -and error- and be it, be whatever it looks like) .

My uncle & his wife (uncle from my dad who became my “wali” in aqad),
 the groom and bride, me and mom

Me and Mom
Spending time before back home to Depok with Nina and Rifi around ITB

Through Nina’s lens as alwaysI met Zarah Sera in Cipaganti travel point @ the injury time (05.45)
6.00 PM the travel car brought me back to Depok 

Alhamdulillaah, i was able to meet lovely people that day (My mom, family, Iis Isa, Nina, Rifi, Sera)
So sorry that i couldn’t meet all of them (Teh Yani, Teh Hiku, etc) because the limited time i had

Photo by | Nina and Rifi


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